Sunday Sermons

Facing the Dark Night of the Soul

June 26, 2016 Speaker: Wade Grubbs Series: Summer in the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 42:1–42:11

June 26, 2016

Pastor Wade Grubbs

Series: Summer in the Psalms

Facing the Dark Night of the Soul
Psalm 42

Main Idea: The believer faces depression by longing for the presence of God and exhorting his/her soul to hope in God (vv. 5 & 11)

6 Biblical Ways to Face Depression…

  1. Facing depression biblically requires a genuine acknowledgement of your condition and an honest ownership of your truest need (vv. 1-2).

  2. Facing depression biblically entails refusing to listen to the voices of those who do not hope in God (v. 3).

  3. Facing depression biblically requires using your present trouble to reflect upon God’s grace in the past (vv. 4,6).

  4. Facing depression biblically includes resting in the sovereign love of God (vv. 7, 8).

  5. Facing depression biblically calls for unashamed transparency before the Lord (vv. 9,10).

  6. Facing depression biblically demands that we preach to ourselves more than we listen to ourselves (vv. 5, 11).

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