Confident in Christ's Victory, Pt. 2

January 29, 2017 Speaker: Wade Grubbs Series: Stand Firm

Topic: Default Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13–3:22

January 29, 2017
Pastor Wade Grubbs

Series: Stand Firm

Confident in Christ’s Victory Pt. 2

1 Peter 3:13-22

Main Idea: Christians are to face any and all opposition to their faith with a complete confidence in what God has achieved through His Son.

The Basis of Christian Confidence (vv. 18-22).

1. Christ has triumphed over all evil (vv. 18b, 19-20a, 22).

         a. Victory banner waved before ultimate haters.

         b. Victory banner waved by the One who reigns supreme.

2. Christ’s triumph means unwavering salvation for the believer (vv. 18a, 20b-21).

Living What We Learn:

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