"Soul Maintenance in a Broken World"

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Wade Grubbs Series: Ecclesiastes

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 7:15–7:29

November 5, 2017

Pastor Wade Grubbs

Series: Ecclesiastes

“Soul Maintenance in a Broken World”

Ecclesiastes 7:15-29

Main Idea: Steady trust in a Sovereign God requires a
proper evaluation of man’s outward state.

Four Directives for Soul Maintenance in a Broken World

1. Reject the phony righteousness of the world (vv. 15-18)

2. Reject the phony wisdom of th world (v. 17)

3. Seek the perfect wisdom of God (vv. 19-28)

4. Seek the perfect righteousness of God (v. 29)

Living What We Learn

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