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Sunday Sermons

The Seeking Savior Pt.2

January 12, 2020 Pastor: Vaughn Park Series: The Seeking Savior

Passage: John 4:15–4:29

January 12, 2020
The Seeking Savior, Part 2
John 4:15 - 29
Main Idea
Jesus calls a Samaritan woman to faith.

Three Critical Salvation Truths:

1) Jesus came to save the immoral sinners of this world.

2) Salvation places the Believer into relationship with God, which makes it possible for him to worship God.

3) The gospel of Christ is propositional in nature; it must either be embraced or rejected.

Questions for further contemplation and application after the message:
1) When we say that God is omniscient, we mean that His knowledge is perfect - that He perfectly knows all things at
once, both actual and possible. Does Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman demonstrate His omniscience?

What is there that God does not know about us? Is it possible to hide our sins from Him?

What are some of the practical implications of the omniscience of God?

2) How can our prejudices hamper our participation in the Great Commission?

What does a good candidate for evangelism "look like?"

With whom should we share the gospel?

3) Is it possible to effectively share the gospel without addressing the problem of personal sin?

Why or why not? Defend your position biblically.

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