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Sunday Sermons

The Seeking Savior, Part 3

January 19, 2020 Pastor: Vaughn Park Series: The Seeking Savior

Passage: John 4:28–4:42

Disciple’s Quest
If you continue in My word, then you are
truly disciples of Mine.
John 8:31

January 19, 2020
The Seeking Savior, Part 3
John 4:28 - 42
Main Idea
Having believed, the Samaritan woman tells the people of her city about Jesus.

Three truths to build in our hearts the necessary positive motivation for sharing the gospel:
Truth One: God works through the obedience and testimony of ordinary Christians to bring many to saving faith
Three things the woman did right as a witness:
1) She went “personally”

2) She shared “passionately”

3) She shared “presently”

Truth Two: When we share faithfully, the Lord multiplies our faithfulness.

Truth Three: The harvest is ready now to be brought in.

Questions for further contemplation and application after the message:

1) What are the elements of a good gospel conversation?

2) It is necessary at some point to address sin when sharing the gospel, because apart from guilt, there is no need
for grace and salvation. How did the woman bring sin into her sharing?

3) The Samaritan woman seems to have communicated only the essential truth of the gospel message to the men of
Sychar, and then challenged them to see for themselves that Jesus was/is the Christ. Is this still a legitimate
strategy for sharing the gospel?

Do you think it could be effective to share briefly with a friend and then invite him to church?

Who might you share with and invite?

Suggestions for sharing the gospel effectively:
#1 Take time to write out your message in advance, making sure to incorporate appropriate Scriptures. The practice
will likely prove helpful.
#2 Plan to share with an unbelieving friend or family member and ask the Lord in prayer for the right opportunity.
#3 If sharing directly is difficult, consider inviting someone to church to hear the gospel, or perhaps writing a letter
that explains the plan of salvation.

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