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The Seeking Savior pt.4

January 26, 2020 Pastor: Vaughn Park Series: The Seeking Savior

Passage: John 4:43–4:54

January 26, 2020
The Seeking Savior, Part 4
John 4:43 - 54

Main Idea
Salvation is by God’s grace through faith in Jesus. The faith that saves, however, is by no means merely the product of human
reason or determination. Rather it is kindled in the believer’s heart by God.

Applications to take away:
1) God works in our lives through adversity. In fact, it is often through adversity that life’s blessings come to us –
including salvation!

2) The gospel is for all people. In John 4, Jesus saves both the “down and out” Samaritan woman at the well, and the
influential and wealthy royal official.

3) As disciples of Jesus, we care called to share His gospel with others.

Questions for further contemplation and application after the message:

#1 Bearing in mind the faith of many of the Samaritans, why do you think the Galileans mostly failed to see that Jesus
was the Christ?

#2 Why does religious privilege, as the Galileans had, frequently not lead to faith?

#3 Why do you think Jesus initially rebuked the royal official when he implored Him to heal his son?

#4 What differences and similarities are evident in the encounters Jesus had with the Samaritan woman and the royal

How do their stories fit together?

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