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Sunday Sermons

Restoration Hardware pt. 5

March 8, 2020 Pastor: Vaughn Park Series: Restoration Hardware

Passage: Ezra 4:1–6:17

Restoration Hardware, Part 5

Construction Zone

Ezra 4


Main Idea:


God works through His people to bless them, and to accomplish His will.




  • Disruption



  • Encouragement: God’s Word



  • Encouragement: God’s Providence



  • Accomplishment




Questions for further contemplation and application after the message:


#1   Why do you think that living a life of faithful obedience to the Lord often results in persecution?


     How should we respond when we are persecuted for righteousness sake?



#2   Why, according to Psalm 19, should we seek strengthening from God’s Word?



#3   When the temple was complete, the people celebrated (6:16-17).  Whey are such celebrations so important for God’s people?  Do they serve to bind them together?  How?

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